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    Jeff Steinmann has been interested in real estate since he was a kid. While the other kids were watching cartoons, sports or sit-coms, he was watching This Old House on PBS and working on his own small projects.

    In 2000, Jeff bought his first house in the Southwest Garden neighborhood and through the process of renovating it, discovered his love for making old things beautiful and functional again. That experience gave him the know-how and confidence to set out on his dream project: completely renovating an old house. in 2005,Jeff bought a 100-year-old house in the Shaw Neighborhood - a dilapidated 2500 square feet disaster! Many would be daunted by the task of renovating it, but not Jeff, he loved (almost) every minute of the process.

    In 2012, Jeff left his job as an Associate Vice President at a Saint Louis-based financial institution to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. He started a virtual business that helps people pursue independence through the pursuit of their passions. He wrote an Amazon best-selling book called How to Quit Working: A Simple Plan to Leave Your Job For a Life of Freedom. Jeff also hosts a podcast by the same name and is a regular contributor to several media outlets, including the LifeHack, Elite Daily, and the Huffington Post.

    Jeff is fanatical about the culture, entertainment, food, drink, investment opportunity and, most of all, the people that the city of Saint Louis has to offer. He stays tuned into the real estate market, understands the trends, opportunities and neighborhoods in detail.
    How to Quit Working has given Jeff the opportunity to help many people achieve their dreams in life and now he wants to help people achieve their real estate dreams as well. His experience with renovations, knowledge of the market, and being a fanatical do-it-yourselfer and licensed REALTOR to make him the perfect resource for folks who are buying or selling a house in the city of Saint Louis.

    Jeff lives in the Tower Grove Ea

    Jeff Steinmann
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